7, Aug 2021
Mallika Sherawat Poses In The Balcony

Mallika Sherawat is a famous face not only in Thailand but also across the world as well. She has been the face of a brand that has made people sit up and take notice, both for her beauty and her talent as a performer. She began performing at a very early age and got noticed quickly. At sixteen, she made her first steps on the stage and was instantly hit by the Thai audience for her unique and beautiful voice. From there she went on to do shows in other Thai cities and also in Bangkok itself, which led to her expanding popularity in the rest of the world.

Now, you might ask – “What kind of shows does Mallika Sherawat perform in the Balcony?” She has many shows lined up that she normally does at Thai nightclubs in big cities around the world. She can also do a few special Thai shows to make sure that she gets the attention that she deserves.

She usually starts her show with a pose called the Sun Salutation which shows her lovely and thin body framed by her long flowing hair. This pose is done while facing the sun and it brings forth the shining features of her face. Then comes the Salutation to the Moon, which is done by Mallika Sherawat while floating in the pool. This one is another underwater body touch pose that Mallika Sherawat does in her shows. She stretches her body out like she is underwater while floating in the pool and then returns to her usual pose which is facing the audience.

Another of her popular shows is The Fish and the Begum where she gets to breathe in and out in the water while moving her body to the music. Then she gets to do the Chicken Dance, which is a really sensual dance that is done on a small platform on the top floor of a club. In this one, she will be using her head, arms, back, and even her legs while dancing to the music. After she is done with the Fish and the Begum, she will move on to the usual thing that women do during Thai shows such as the Sun Salutation and the Moon Salutation. Then she will turn toward the crowd to perform her signature dance.

Mallika Sherawat is also known for doing the Tree Pose in which she lies on the ground and places her palms on the ground in the shape of a tree. Her palms are then raised up and the right one will be facing the sky while the left one faces the floor. Her eyes are closed and she moves her head, neck, and body in synchronization with her hands so that her whole body seems to be in one big movement. This pose is done by placing her palms directly on the floor and then opening her palms slowly and sharply, followed by returning them to their original position. This makes her stomach seems to dip down and her face rise up.

The Fish Pose is basically a standing stretch wherein one has to stand on one leg while keeping the other bent on the elbow. With the fish pose, she has to use both her upper and lower torso as support to keep her balanced and upright. This pose is more challenging as compared to other poses in the series. This is one of the basic exercises that can help develop a strong core and strengthen the internal organs of the body.

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